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Japan has a huge requirement of talented software professionals to meet the exponential growth of demands caused by the rapid digital transformation. On the other hand, India has a huge pool of young, dynamic and talented software professionals. However, this knowledge pool remains mostly unutilized to address the needs of the Japanese industry so far. Some of the factors attributing to this are limited language capability, difficulty in communicating implicit requirements and concerns about having to deal with unknown faces.

We at CEGB, aim to bridge this gap by working collaboratively with the Japanese and Indian partners. Being a Japanese ownership company with a fairly long presence in Japan, we have good connects with the Japanese customers. The Japanese clients get their go-to person right in front of them giving them the much needed confidence, without any concern to deal with only a remote offshore vendor. Whereas in India, we have access to a strong pool of reliable, verified IT experts who specialize in one or more niche skills. We understand the concerns, language, culture  and way of working on both the sides. Involving our own managers and technical experts, we take a full ownership of the onsite and offshore delivery, not just act as middlemen.

Whether you are a client or IT services vendor in Japan, you can always trust us as :

  • your extended delivery arm to deliver voluminous work, in a cost effective manner.
  • your own IT R&D center at the offshore to learn and test the new technologies
  • your consulting partner in planning a new digital transformation initiative

We aim to create a smooth working model with transparency and trust of clients and partners.

Collaboration with Partners